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Frustrated by the endless job search process?

Whether a graduate, a mid-level manager with an ambition to advance your career, or an executive seeking the new prospects of application of your expertise, you need a marketing document to bring you as much attention as possible. Our resume writing services are here to help you get noticed.

As mentioned in LinkedIn, a job searching process usually takes no less than 3 months, provided that you didn't hold a top management position. If your current resume does not generate interview calls, it's high time to entrust your career to the hands of our job experts.

During 8 years of our existence, we have enhanced the careers of our clients worldwide. See below what we can offer you:

Resume Writing by Career Levels
Student level

You are recent graduate looking for your first "serious" job? Let us demonstrate you've got what it takes, show your soft skills and strong academic background


If your old job doesn't give opportunities to grow, you want a better paid position or to continue your career as a manager, we will showcase your experience and strengths focusing on the needs of employer to assure you are the best candidate for a position


Bring more light to your ability to make the difference for business with our executive resume writer. With your leadership and key achievements highlighted, you will stand out from the midst of other applicants


Whether you want a federal job or intend to make a career transition, one of our resume writers will adapt your old resume to your current needs


The practice shows that being unemployed for some time reduces your chances of getting the job. We will help you to get back on track and maximize your chances to get noticed

100% custom

Resume is like your fingerprint; it should be the same unique. We are proud of our personalized approach to each client. Your resume will be 100% custom, written and designed especially for you based on your experience and needs. Stereotyped resume won't catch the eye, nor will the resume created in a resume builder. Your set of skills and experience is unique, and getting the best out of the information you provide, we will make your CV truly competitive.

More services from professional resume writers

Cover letter - it introduces you to an HR and motivates them to read your resume. Is your cover letter catchy enough? Does it evoke trust to you as a professional while briefly outlining your expertise? Don't let it repeat the information from your resume - contact us for an appealing, personal and motivating cover letter.

Thank you letter - show your particular interest in the company and position. Basically, it is a formality, but ignoring it can spoil an impression about you as a motivated and determined job-seeker. Show that you do want to work and familiar with business etiquette using the assistance of our best resume writers.

LinkedIn profile - there's no secret that the employers seek for the candidates online. Our writers will fill in or update your online profile and build your strong online presence. A thorough LinkedIn profile will help you get noticed let alone the fact that you can even land a job using the professional network.

Interview tips - uneasy about how to conduct yourself and how to answer tricky question? We will enclose your Interview Tips to help you get prepared to meet the HR face to face.

Top 5 Resume writing myths

Wrong ideas, rumors or misunderstandings can spoil even the big deal. You probably also believe in one of the resume or career myths too. Our top resume writers reveal these myths and explain the real situation.

Myth #1. I can do it myself
"Every day I receive complaints from new clients that they struggle landing a dream position. After giving their resume a glance I already know why. Poor structure, lack of keywords, no chronological order, one-line objective and generic descriptions making it unclear for an HR what you actually did and why he should hire you - here are just a few reasons. To top it off: yes, you can write a CV, but if you need a working CV, you do need the professional assistance." Christina, CV writer

Myth #2. Colored designs are okay to use to draw attention
"Obviously, there's a need to highlight or capitalize key points of the resume, but when your resume sheet looks like an impressionist painting, it rather irritates than attracts. Remember that this is your career document, not a creativity outlet, and should be treated appropriately. There's a set of unwritten resume design rules, and neglecting them shows your unprofessionalism and flippancy, so the reader would think: is he really an aspiring sales manager? Don't think so" Rob, resume writer

Myth #3. If I get necessary skills and experience, the job will be mine
"This dangerous trap cost the job for many versatile, established professionals I worked with. These guys firmly believed that if they describe a successful track record, they will be immediately hired, but it doesn't work this way. The foremost thing the employer expects to see is how well you fit their needs. If you manage to do it, congratulations - the job is yours." Lisa, former HR manager, career coach

Myth #4.
I will add some keywords after the resume is written

"Sometimes you should disregard the structure of sentences in favor of keywords. If you are applying for a mid-size business or a corporation, mind that your resume will be subject to ATM selection. Should it not have needed keywords, hiring manager will not even see it and won't have any chance to notice your remarkable professionalism." Marissa, resume writer

Myth #5. Resume length
"I've dealt with so many misunderstandings when it came to resume length, that it's nearly impossible to mention them all! Some tried really hard to put 20 years of experience into one page, while the others saw nothing wrong in submitting 3 to 5 page resumes. Honestly, it's very individual and there's no "one size fits all" solution. I'd recommend you to consult with a resume writer or career strategist to find out which length is necessary in your case." Alison, resume writer

Resume review service

Sometimes it might be challenging for a candidate to evaluate the efficiency of his resume. During our free critique, our writers will explain the mistakes and weaknesses of your resume, if any, and propose an appropriate type of service. Note that free review does not oblige you to place an order.

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