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Spending or investment?

As an established professional, you undoubtedly can efficiently manage your resources, including your personal finances. If purchasing a resume doesn't seem an appealing perspective for you, let us explain what exactly you are going to pay for:

  • You pay for the competence. Our understanding of your unique value, labor market and the latest trends of resume writing in business world will work for you. Supported by the top resume writing services, you will convert your money into your future opportunities.
  • Valuable investment. It's a wrong approach to consider buying a resume as a spending, while technically it's an investment. You can spend $100 on clothes, iPhone apps or can purchase a resume which will generate you the higher salary throughout the years.

As resume editing does not imply rewriting or major changes in resume content, it is less time-consuming and thus fees are more affordable - only $45 for a renewed resume. Still, a certified writer will revamp your resume to provide you with the spotless career package.

Highly affordable

If you do a quick research via search engine, you will realize that our assistance is highly affordable. A rare applicant can afford $500 resume, while our packages won't hurt your wallet even if you're a career started with minimal income.

Save on best resume writing services

For both new and returning clients we have discount options available. If you want more economy on your package, use one of the saving options below:

  • Buy "all-inclusive" package to get the maximum economy - when you buy a full package, each item in it is worth less than if you would buy them separately. With Resume +Cover letter+ Thank you letter+ LinkedIn profile, you save $46!
  • Choose a longer deadline – when urgency doesn't matter and the resume shouldn't be submitted the next day, pick the maximum deadline and save $38 on single resume and even more on packages.
  • Use discount code – use a discount code from the banner or ask our support representative to give you one. 10-20% off all available services is a valuable economy for any budget.

How to use your discount

Become our member: sign up for the site free of charge. Insert your discount code in a field on the order page and enjoy resume writer service which won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Free with each order

As our client, you will benefit from the below amenities which are not available or are paid on most of the other websites:

  • Communication with writer within order area
  • Writer specializing in your industry
  • Revisions within 2 weeks
  • Support chat open 24/7

If you want to climb to the top of the corporate ladder, you should focus on making the right steps throughout the way. Ordering your resume to be done and polished by an expert is the first step to a desired position and better future. Create the right resume once, and it will work for you while you eat, have rest or learn. It's a time-tested way to achieve the position you need and enhance your career.

Statistics of Orders:

  • 32 orders in progress
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Why Us:

  • Certified resume writers
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Our Guarantees:

  • Confidentiality guarantee
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  • Interview tips
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